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wocafix your tools ...
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Wocafix Appliance

Type 2020 electronic

The electronically controlled Wocafix Appliance for any production enterprise

Reduce production costs !

  • increases the useful tool life
  • reduces tool and equipment costs
  • decreases cold welding and material sticking
  • avoids punching burrs and the rising of cut-offs
  • improves the wear resistance
  • corrects undersizes and cuttingplay

The advantages of the wocafix-coating are:

suitable for all types of steel - surface hardness of 78-82 Rc - coating thickness infinitely adjustable from 2 to 40 my - highly heat resistant - wear resistant - no material disortion - exact coating thickness - can be relapped - resists any strain


sample coating

Wocafix hard metal coating appliances are Swiss Products of high quality and precision standard, tried and tested.