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Application examples


Slug Lifting and Cutting Clearance Corrections
Cutting-Edges Blunting

wocafix the matrix
wocafix outside of the punch
wocafix faces of punch and matrix


Scuffing, cold-welding and excessive wear

wocafix wear-prone parts

1. Multiple press tools - punching tools (engine cover)

Punching burrs, punching off - cuts rise up
Coating:All die apertures
Result:Punching burrs removed, off - cuts remain in die
Service life:Increased to 220%

2. Combined punching and bending tool (door striking plate)

Cold welding on bending jaws, cut - offs rise up
Coating:Bending jaws radii and die apertures
Refinishing:Light repolishing of bending jaws
Result:Clean bending parts, cold welding and rising up of cut - offs avoided
Service life:Increased to 280%

3. Punching - bending - embossing tool (retaining clamp)

Cold welding and cracking of the material
Coating:Bending radii and embossing contours
Refinishing:Repolishing of radii and contours
Result:Material flows better, no more cracking and cold welding
Service life:Increased to 650%

Deep Drawing and Cold Forming

Cold-welding and scuffing of drawing or forming radii
Groove Formation

wocafix the radii
wocafix those areas producing insufficient pressure

4. Punching - deep drawing tool (bearing cover)

Problem:Corrosion on drawing die, poor flow
Coating:Radius on drawing ring
Refinishing:Fine polishing of radius
Result:Corrosion eliminated, material flows better, cleaner surface
Service life:Increased to 530%

5. Extrusion press - die (aluminium curtain rod profile)

Sticking and cracking open of material
Coating:Die aperture
Refinishing:Light refiling with diamond file
Result:Even flow of material, less pressure, no alteration in size when cleaning
Service life:Increased to 750%

6. Cold extrusion molding tool (protective sleeve)

Corroded stamping radius, material sticking
Coating:Stamping radius and drawing edge
Refinishing:Fine lap coating
Result:Corrosion and sticking avoided, better flow of material
Service life:Increased to 600%

7. Die cast mold (instrument casing)

Abrasion of the edges and extrusion points
Coating:Extrusion channels and mold edges
Refinishing:Smooth edges with diamond file
Result:Good injection, edge strength
Service life:Increased to 250%

8. Injection mold (bolt of a lock)

Erosion of injection channel and surface
Coating:Injection channel and surface
Refinishing:Light polishing
Result:Erosion avoided, as also spraying - on point
Service life:Increased to 300%

9. Trimming die (hexagonal machine screw)

Defects:Wearing of edges and breaking of the die
Coating:head and aperture
Result:Better ejection, less wearing of the edges and consequently no breaking
Service life:Increased to 480%

10. Cutting tool (shell reamer)

Intense wearing leading to undersize
Coating:Plain grinding - bevel
Refinishing:lap in drilling or grind to size
Result:True - to - size again, abrasion - proof
Service life:Increased to 650%

Practical examples

Movies of coating

clamping tool coating

Wocafix hard metal coating appliances are Swiss Products of high quality and precision standard, tried and tested.